“There is a reason why this team is so successful – because they have a full understanding of the development process and they take the time to understand the project in full before starting. Setting the scope for success is the best way to get the results. Thanks again and will hire again soon!”
– Hector Estela, ComericoENet

“I found Serenity Partners to be a very professional organization, with a strong focus on client satisfaction. They communicated clearly and in a timely fashion, and were a pleasure to deal with. They continued to make revisions until our executive review committee was 100% satisfied, and gave us tremendous value for our money. I would not hesitate to recommend their services, and hope to work with them again in the near future.”
– Jean-Francois Chenier, CostOptics

“Serenity Partners are solid and dependable. They worked on a mock-up design project for me and I was very pleased with the outcome. They were very understanding about making changes (many) as well as putting in the time to research and discuss the project in order to bring the best designs to life. I’ll definitely use them in the future.”
– Kamaria Muir (Publishing giant) MacMillan, new venture arm

“I am VERY impressed with Serenity Partners. They are a solid team of experts. We had a rather large and complicated corporate website project and they rose brilliantly to the many challenges that came their way. I never had an anxious moment – they were always ready and willing to provide clarification, conduct research and to interact with various members of our staff in an effort to complete the project. For the duration of my project (6 weeks) they were creative, organized, diligent and patient – far above and beyond the call of duty! Best of all, they know their craft very well – they are a skilled organization. Working with them has been a pleasure and I’ll definitely be tapping their skills for additional projects in the future. ”
–Kamaria Muir (2nd of 3 engagements), MacMillian, new venture arm

“Serenity did a fantastic job. A great company to deal with.”
– Philip DeMuth, co-author of various invesmtment books with Ben Stein

“It was a lucky day for me when Serenity Partners bid on my project. If they’ve bid on yours, thank your lucky stars and hire them! When I needed to hire a top notch company to do an extremely important job, I chose Serenity Partners because of their outstanding feedback. I made the right choice! I’ve been in the website building business for many years and have worked with many programmers. I have never worked with a group so technically skilled and professional as Serenity Partners. I am completely blown away with how they were able to handle my project, which was more advanced than anything I had ever seen. In addition to being stellar programmers, these are stellar communicators. They understood everything I asked for the first time I asked for it and I never had to re-explain myself or struggle with communication of any sort. They were fast and skilled in their communication – a true breath of fresh air. If you want to have the best experience you’ve ever had hiring a programmer, and are nervous about choosing one, take my advice and hire Serenity Partners. They are probably the only one you’ll ever need.”
– Chad Phillips, NewVibe

“Best provider I have found. Understood exactly what I wanted on the first round, finished ahead of schedule, responded to every question in a timely manner, and did a truly super design with great functionality. Professional, patient and talented. I’m very, very pleased with the site they designed me, and would certainly return to them for any future work. This is a one-in-a-million outfit.”
– Pam Withers

““An amazing job done under a very tight deadline. Not only is the site running as efficiently as possible but also in the exact way we wanted it. Their ability to exceed our high standard while working through the holidays to meet our critical deadline was impressive and we cant say enough about the way they handled themselves. Their ability to see not only the technical aspect but also the business aspect was really the key in bringing about a site that is not only streamlined from a technical perspective, but also made the customer experience so much better and simpler. Thanks again Serenity Partners and we’re looking forward to additional work done by your group!”
– Ko Lee, peipod.com

“The development of this site from Serenity Partners helped me through the end of the year. I often found myself stressed and blue just with the day-to-day activities of building my new company. That’s when I l would launch my browser and look at the progress of the site on their development server, and it would just pick up my spirits, turning my days positive again. Hands down, I got way more than what I paid for with these guys.”
– Shimon Wright, Hewlett-Packard IT Security specialist

“Serenity helped us to achieve our aspirations for a new tea website that is simple, elegant, and visually striking. As the project progressed, Serenity handled numerous challenging requests with aplomb, creating: a. text and images that magically expand to fill the page b. a currency converter that provides instant, up-to-date pricing for 9 countries c. a little-known coding solution that allows the display of non-standard fonts d. a cleverly-designed client/B to B section, which was not in the original brief e. a W&B TV section that was supposed to be billed separately, but which they included as part of the original budget Some of the changes were unexpected and unusually labor-intensive, requiring cascading changes throughout the entire site, but Serenity maintained their equanimity throughout the process, and acted as a steady rudder even when we (regretfully) rocked the boat near the end. We’re grateful for the exceptional result -many thanks!”
– Mark Hammons, wildandbare.com

“This is the 2nd time that we’ve worked with Serenity, but surely not the last! For this project Serenity complete a series of upgrades to our original website, enhancing both design and functionality in fresh and innovative ways. The site is fairly complex, and contains more design flourishes than is common for most e-commerce sites, but Serenity was able to handles our requests with their typical aplomb. Thanks again, Wild & Bare Co.”
– Mark Hammons (2nd of 3 engagements), wildandbare.com