You need quick data on how Panama’s economy performs against others for a Powerpoint pitch to investors — and you need it first thing Monday. You’re considering a new market to open a fitness center and some metrics and demographics would be nice. Which metro areas in the U.S. are pulling out of the recession first? Need data to find out which area has the most competitive mix of property, income, state and local taxes? Want a late-night data assist on a heavy duty research project? How does the current recession compare with past recessions?

Serenity has taken on these kinds of assignments for years. With more than a decade of academic research and business journalism under our belts, we know where to go to find the economic, financial, market and demographic data you need to get questions answered. We’re your virtual staff economist, designer and research assistant — all rolled into one — on-call 24/7.

We enjoy writing, editing and design experience based on work at publications that include the Financial Times, USA Today and Fortune Magazine and institutions such as the New York Federal Reserve and the National Bureau of Economic Research. We’ve prepared widely read material about the U.S. and global economy, the Federal Reserve, economic policy and emerging markets in Latin America and Eastern Europe for various audiences.

We have a broad understanding of the economy and financial markets, an ability to analyze economic and financial market indicators and a passion for engaging (sometimes even entertaining) assessments of trends across various media. We specialize in entrepreneurial, value-added writing: forward-looking assessments and preparing publications accompanied by attention grabbing multimedia. We’ve even developed our own method for doing international value comparisons among countries.

We take a consistently thoughtful, creative and web-oriented approach to economics writing and analysis and are devoted to making business issues — and economics in particular — more accessible to larger audiences and adding value.

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